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Jim Porter

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Quieres pipas?

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" The Brainbrothers"

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martes, agosto 19, 2014


Manda kiwis forrados de kilo y cuarto que después de como se lucieron Poseidón el violador, Atenea la sádica infinita y Perseo el asesino, el monstruo de la historia sea Medusa...
Pues eso.

"The monstrous Medusa"... - Sorry? What?! How is it possible that in the Medusa's myth, they refer to her as a monster? The only monstrosities were the ones perpetrated by Neptune, Athena and Perseus with her.

sábado, mayo 31, 2014

Here are the special things I made with all my love for Neil Gaiman : )

"Atramentum Corde" is a anthropomorphic fountain pen, that protects and incites stories, from her little book sprout endless blank pages that need to be fed with words. 

"Atramentum Corde" es una pluma antropomorfa protectora e incitadora de historias, de su pequeño libro brotan infinitas páginas en blanco que necesitan ser alimentadas con palabras.

This little black cat is "Ocean" I met him in "The ocean at the end of the lane" 

Mini Amanda Palmer, I had many ideas for Amanda, but it was impossible, the time consumed me!! :__

"Neil Gaiman's satanic tomato" http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2005/09/satanic-tomato.html