miércoles, enero 07, 2009

Old friend dolls meeting / Ellos, después, los Otros...

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  1. What wonderful creations. I love the style of your dolls :)

  2. I love them all! So original and special...
    I've seen most, but I have never seen the moon boy with the Z on his chest.
    I think I'm in love with him.

  3. OMG SANDRA!!! Each an every one has a piece of my heart:) I think your dolls ROCK !!Thank you for sharing your family I enjoyed weeing them ALL:)
    Maybe some day we can do a trade????

    Zombie Hugz


  4. Sandra, your creations are so special
    and unique. I've just been studying each one and trying to figure out my
    favorite, but it is tough. Each one
    is special and any one I would love to
    have in my collection.

    Looking again, I think the winter owl
    piece is my fave. I have a 'thing' for owls and she is stunning.



  5. I so enjoyed seeing these! Really love your work!

  6. Hi Sandra, you´re site is so amzing and makes me curious and happy, the whole style is gorgeous,the music on your site, that is so silly is from a german actress! I would have never known that she makes such music ! It matches so good to your whimsical dolls. Your dolls are so fabulous ! I absolutly love your style !!!You´re allways welcome! Faery hugs, Silke

  7. Oh dear lord, I think I have died and gone to heaven! I stumbled on your blog and I'm truly just blown away. You are freaking amazing and I have no words...I'm truly speechless!

  8. Absolutly AWSOME!! I really am facinated with the owl girl, so original!!

  9. Oh My gosh, oh my gosh I LOVE, Love Love YOUR DOLLS!!!!!!And what is that intoxicating music?
    Is there a site that I can hear more like this one? One more question, what are your dolls made of, I must have missed it?

  10. Wonderful work ... I like your dolls so much.

  11. Its so hard not to come back again and again to view your fabulous dolls! I beleive that this must be my 216327th time here lol

    I am out of words really....


  12. They're all wonderful! And the music went so well with them!

  13. Me quito el sombrero; y no me lo vuelvo a poner haga frío, calor, nieve o llegue un vendaval. Y si acaso me lo quitara, sería para volver a decir lo mismo: "me quito el sombrero".

  14. Sandra, no me canso de ver tus muñecos, te admiro mucho, un beso.

  15. don't speack spanish as I'm french. But must say that I adore your work ! YOu are very talented !!!

  16. ¡Una maravilla! Me gustan especialmente: la lechuza, la mujer unicornio?, el hada en primer plano que sonríe y tiene el pelo blanco y el hada viejita del final.
    ¡Felicidades por tu trabajo!

  17. Las expresiones de las caras de tus personajes son totalmente increíbles! Bravo