martes, enero 27, 2009


Os presento a Roberta Popolópulus, mi primera muñeca de arcilla polimérica, hasta ahora solo había trabajado con PaperClay. Estos días he dejado un reguero de víctimas por el camino del ensayo- horror…No puedo despiojarme de los ojos de la cabeza la grotesca visión del cuerpecillo muñecoso que terminó su inexistencia panza abajo, en la basura bañado por los desperdicios de un plátano nudista y algunos calamares descarriados con tomate… También hubo concierto de Quemaduras con Frustración como telonero…
Creo que Roberta se huele algo

She is Roberta, my first polymeric clay doll. I had worked with PaperClay until now. These days I have left two victims in the way, one with burns and the other was impossible to look because your eyes broke up... then they have finished in WeNeverWillBeFinishedLand...Roberta is very sad because their friends are move to WeNeverWillBeFinishedLand, and she is very finished to be admited there...Resuming, Roberta don´t speak with me and she don´t want to take tea neither... unless the tea is of cinnamon and lemon.. then she forgive it a bit...

- But only a bit!!
- Ok, ok Roberta, they have listen you already...

Roberta will be along a week in EBAY

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  1. Oh Roberta is so awesome. I love her hand gesture and expression.


    Sonia ;)

  2. Hola Sandra!

    Roberta is wonderful!! Your first polymer clay figure turned out perfect
    (sorry about her two friends that ended in WeWillNeverBeFinishedLand...
    many of mine have gone there too)



  3. Oh have done it again girl! Roberta is just wonderful and she looks so sad...she needs to come to my home and I'll cheer her up! hehehe I just love her and your work just moves me! I have been waiting for you to post and I'm always so excited to see what you have been up to! I wish you lived right next door to me! I'd probably lose my job because I'll I want to do is see your artwork! hahaha I love it!
    Cheers my friend!

  4. omg...i love her... i want her....bidding!
    She is excellent, SO much personality and the costume is so sweet/funny.
    Wonderful Sandra!

  5. Your first polymer clay doll???
    I had no idea!!
    I could 've sworn that most of your dolls are made from polymer clay.. WOW

    I love her expression!!!!
    Loads of personality and some fantastic details.. AMAZING work :)


  6. Hi Sandra:)

    OH MY!!! Poor little Roberta, she looks soooooo sad!!! What a face she has, so full of expression! I think polymer clay likes you and your first one is amazing!! how was it for you to work with, it is very different from paper clay.
    Her shoe are the best, I want some like that...jojojo hahaha

    Hugz and Kisses


  7. OOhhps, where is my comment gone...seems it´s gone to the NeverWillBeFinishedLand too. Sandra, your Roberta turned out absolutly great ! What an expression ! You did a wonderful job on her ! Please give her that tea ! Can´t say who I prefer more the polymer clay doll or the paperclay dolls....seems I love them all dearly !! Hugs, Silke

  8. Love Roberta. Give her a hug for me. I have many polymer friends that have gone on to neverwillbefinishedland. They will be in good company and dear Roberta will recover. More tea!

  9. muahahahahha! I can't wait to get Roberta and gobble her up/errrrr.... I mean..... take EXCELLENT care of her..
    I won't eat her...
    not me ...

  10. Soy un pirata.... he descubierto un tesoro enoOOOoorme: tú...
    espléndida joya de extraña belleza... ¿Qué es esto? me ha dejado bocaabajo, patitiesa, boquiabierta, dislocada...
    mil aplausos para ti!!!
    te añado a mi lista de blogs para ver TODO lo que hagas... no me lo quiero perder.

  11. Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me parece una ventana mágica.
    Vendré a asomarme a ella a menudo. ¡La vista es sorprendente!