jueves, febrero 05, 2009

Héctor Mann?

No tiene bigote, ni siquiera un elegante traje blanco…sin embargo es mi pequeña interpretación de Héctor Mann. Le conocí entre ilusiones en blanco y negro de cierto libro, aunque tengo la sensación de haber visto todas sus películas…asip que, para mí es Héctor Mann el actor de cine mudo al que le vino el color y se le cayó el bigote, por primera vez se escuchó un grito en el cine mudo…como consecuencia, no hubieron mas secuencias y el sonido devoró al silencio que vivió tanto que murió vivo.
He is Héctor Mann, my sencond polymer clay doll... Good! this time there aren no victims! No burns! BuaHaAhhHAAHHAahh!!! I feel more comfortable with this material, I´m going to stop right now to write and I start quickly with the next doll! I have no idea who will be or what will be... as forever of course... U_UThanks for your so sweet comments, sorry for my horrible english, I suspect I´m guilty of more than one fright.. ;PThank you very much Kamila! Roberta is on the way! :)

Héctor will be along a week in EBAY

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  1. cada día más, y mejóns, y más mejóns y un poco de jamóns...

    ...¿qué tal los patrones grandes como un yo?

    Alojamons un día podemos emforracharnos de colacao, ¿te apetece?

  2. He's wonderful, I just love your style :)

    I have to ask how do you have the music playing? Inquiring minds want to know (LOL)

  3. WONDERFUL!!! Oh, he is fabulous. Love the sculpting and the costume. Well done you!

    Oh, and your English is very good, and
    very easy to understand.



  4. I am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    His expression just melts my heart.. amazing work as always ;)


    p.s. How big is he?

  5. Oh so sweet. Love him.....glad there has been no burns lately.


    Sonia ;)

  6. Oh Sandra, you have made the trasformnation to polymer clay with the smoothest of ease:) I loveboth your paper clay and polymer!!! You are an art doll magician:) The magic never stops with your children:) Please come and join us at ADO:) pretty please:) http://artdollsonly.blogspot.com/

    Hugz and kisses

  7. I second Jacqui :) You should join ADO, you would make an awesome member, your dolls are wonderful, imaginative, and I really like your style.

    Thank you for the information. I will have to try and figure that out. I hate having the big music thing at the bottom of my page. Looks tacky to me.

  8. Totally mesmerized!
    Beautiful…beautiful…beautiful work!

    Hugs Annabelle

  9. qué maravilla de personajes. Me chiflan.

  10. Ooops, my comment was gone.... I said ...he turned out very well and I love the black and white photo !!!! Look great !!

  11. espectacular la pagina ,la musica arriba la creatividad